A Helmet with a Story

A helmet with a story or a story behind a helmet?!

What ever you wanna call it, but an idea became reality and there´s a deeper meaning behind all that I wanna tell you about.

Unpacking a signature custom helmet means a lot to a rider anyway, but this one is a very special one for sure.

Think about it:

When the dark night rises but you still got the chance to stand out, spread your wings and sparkle.

It‘s on us to make the difference in this world.

A cooperation with Muc-Off and Time is your Life. Two brands with an idea that I really want to represent, share and stand for, and a helmet with a design that shows all that.

It´s all about a positive life message for and to all of us.

A big and cool brand like Muc-Off with a campaign called Project-Green. An active idea about keeping our planet clean and saving plastic with different refill options for one of the main products on their market.

Time is your Life. A small and upcoming charity foundation with the idea of helping others actively while living the dream that some of us have the privilege to live.

Two companies. Two ideas. Two positive intentions that I both want to stand for and share with the world.

Even though there might be some dark times, some of us do have the chance to stand out, to spread the wings, to act positive and to help others.

Beyond stoked on this paintjob that combines and represents all that and therefore means the world to me.

Watch out for this beauty of a lid flying down the trails around the world in 2020, stay tuned for some awesome adventures to be shared and check out #projectgreen and #timeisyourlife. It´s worth it!

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By the way: CHEERS @imagedesigncustom for an amazing job making this helmet a real piece of art!

video by Rene Deutschlaender

See ya soon,

Ride on