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Freeride to me means freedom.

Absolute freedom.

The freedom to do whatever I want and feel like.

The freedom to express myself in any kind.

The freedom to interpret my passion the way I see and feel it.

The freedom to interpret this sport the way I love and live it.

Welcome to my life.

Welcome to #bikelife.


It´s mountainbiking that makes me realize how much freedom means to me.

How much I need it.

How much I appreciate it.

A very fast sport that at the same time makes me slow down life.

Makes me decelerate life.

Makes me appreciate life.

Makes me feel flow at its very best.

Makes me forget about everything else and live in the present.

Live now.

Here and now.


It´s been pictures for a long time now.

Pictures that need quite some work in the making.

Pictures with a story behind that I want to tell.

Pictures that help me to express myself.

To express my big passion the way I love it.

The way I feel it.

The way I live it.

Welcome to my personal interpretation of #bikelife.

3 pictures?


Just 3?

Yes, 3!

It‘s not about the number itself, but it feels just right.

And it‘s these 3 topics that has been interesting from the very beginning.

These 3 topics that sum up #bikelife to me.

These 3 topics that combine a lot what even life means to me.

And it fits cause nothing there is about quantity at all.

Quite the contrary to be honest.

It‘s about deceleration. About slowing down in a very fast life.

It‘s about appretiation. About sustainability in a throwaway society.

It´s about inspiration.

It´s about saying what I do think needs to be said.

It´s about telling all that by expressing myself through my passion.


Why do we not take our time anymore to do what we love?

To do what it´s worth to live for?

To appreciate every second of life?

Appreciate the little things in life?

Appreciate the important things in life?

Why do we live faster and faster every day being a robot of society?

Why do we not appreciate our lives as the biggest gift ever?

As the most important?

It´s my passion that shows me all that.

That gives me a lesson in life again and again.

That gives me the chance to escape and be myself.

That makes me live life to the fullest.

To enjoy life to the fullest.

This project is about showing all that.

These artworks are about representing all that.

3 artworks that are amazingly diverse in every kind.

So many small, different and meaningful details, different topics, different styles, different materials, different techniques, different sizes, different formats and different colour ways.

They seem to be more diverse than a whole classic photo story with tons of different pictures to be honest.

But all 3 are still telling the same thing.

But why?

It‘s because you take your time to really look at it.

To look at the big picture and take your time to find all the details.

To think about it and find out the story behind by assembling all these details.

To realize the meaning of it all.

To appreciate all the creative work the artist put into it and to get your reward by getting a reminder.

A reminder for life.

My life.

Your life.

And when people stand in front of the picture and immediately tell you that they all of a sudden calm down from a nerve-racking day, you know there is something about it.

Artwork “Lifestyle”:

Helmet On – World Off.

It´s about going out there doing what you love.

About turning off that crazy world around you and putting yourself into your own one.

Into your own world of freedom.

Your world of happiness.

Your world of silence and peace.

An artwork made of wood to represent the feeling of endless nature.

That wooden smell.

That deep breath that you take when you´re out there searching for inner tranquility.

Artwork “Action”:

It´s about that flow that helps you to escape from this turbulent life that´s going on around you.

That makes you feel calm and quiet even when going fast.

It´s about focusing.

About focusing on yourself.

About focusing on what you love to fade out everything else.

An artwork made of paper to represent the woods.

To represent trees.

To represent an area, I feel comfortable in a 100%.

An area I love to go to.

An area I feel home being surrounded by.

An area I can ride my bike in the way I love it most and feel totally free.

Artwork “Workshop”:

It´s about that bubble you can create around you doing what you love.

Doing what makes you feel good.

Doing what you´re interested in and what´s worth to take your time for.

It´s about escaping all these numerous lines of life just around that bubble.

These lines that partly even move in a circle.

Lines that don´t even have a destination to go to.

A goal to follow.

An aim to fight for.

Just going crazy without having any direction or prospect.

An artwork made of metal to represent that kind of topic that it shows.

To represent tools.

To represent bikes.

To represent all the work that goes into the sport behind closed doors but also fits the very technical process while manufacturing this artwork.

Project #bikelife is about taking your time to show appreciation for artworks that has been done with tons of work, energy and creativity.

It´s about finding more and more details the longer you look at it and the more you open yourself up for.

It´s about feeling deceleration in your personal life while doing all that.

It‘s about passion that gives you the chance to escape crazy turbulent life that gets faster and faster everyday.

It´s about calming down by doing what you love.

By doing what makes you feel flow at its very best.

By doing what‘s worth to live for.

If somehow you get your chance to see these artworks in real life and personally experience what they can do, make it happen.

It´s worth it.

Artwork: „Action“
Artwork: „Lifestyle“
Artwork: „Workshop“

#artofliving #bikelife #timeisyourlife

Special thanks to:

Kowalski – artist

Rene Deutschländer – photography / videography

Daniel Ausweger – drone pilot

Red Bull Austria / Organics by Red Bull

Galerie Sophia Vonier, Salzburg

Rahmenmacher Ficker, Salzburg