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Black & White

Black & White.

A very interesting topic that accompanied our work for a long time now.

A special thing that makes you look at places, sceneries and locations in a different way.

A special art of thinking and a special art of acting while being out there creating photos.

It´s about reduction.

About forms and structures.

About shadows and contrasts.

A topic that leads you to see the raw beauty of a picture.

To value the simple.

To respect the essential.


Always was and still is my favourite way to express my work.




Black & White.

A special story.

A story we´ve been thinking about and working on for a long time now.

A story we´ve wanted to publish for years, and here we go.

Each picture has its place and meaning, each size is exactly what it should be and the overall order represents what we want to tell.

From not so simple silhouettes to moving pictures.

From action shots to epic sceneries.

From big to small and from details to the whole big picture.

An all around artwork that expresses our thoughts about a big passion we´re following for more than a decade already.

If you´re interested a bit more in what we want to tell, check out LINES Magazine Issue #18 and experience a whole new level of quality print and mountainbike art.

Black & White.

Are you ready for it?

#artofliving #blackandwhite

A story in close cooperation with photographer and artist Christoph Breiner.