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November time.

Late November.

A full season.

A full season of riding bikes.

An awesome season of riding bikes that comes to an end.

Time to look back and think about what it actually is.

What it means.

At least what it means to me.


It´s about being out there in the woods and in the mountains.

About feeling that freedom.

That endless freedom all around you.

It´s about checking lines.

About the imagination of how to ride them.

About that time of concentration and focus before dropping in.

About excitement and anticipation.

It’s all about shredding once you´re in.

About that feeling of speed and action.

That feeling of adrenaline.

That endless fun and that feeling of flow we´re all longing for so bad.

It´s looking forward to the next day already right after the current one comes to an end.

Because all you want is all that again.

But Mountainbiking is not just that.

It’s also a chance to decelerate when it´s time.

To enjoy the beauty of places bikes are taking us.

To sit down and enjoy.

To sit down and think about the privilege we have.

Sit down and think about…

…or don´t even think.

To appreciate.

Appreciate time.

Appreciate nature.

Appreciate life.

To CALM down.

CALM down and just be.

Something that should be done every once in a while, and it´s Mountainbiking that remembers me to do so.

It´s Mountainbiking and all the beautiful places it takes me.

Thank you.

Thank you to the greatest of all sports and thank you Grossarltal for being such a place.

A place that delivers it all.

Action and Adrenaline.

Pure pleasure and enjoyment.

All in one.

All in one for a full season without compromises.

Time to settle down now.

Settle down for the cold and snowy winter season.

Time to charge batteries and come back for another season full of adventures and good times on the bike next year.

#CALM #artofliving #timeisyourlife

All pics in this article done by Roman Klotz.