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“The land next to the sea.” (Cambridge Dictionary)


Pretty much an edge between land and sea.

An edge between dirt and water.

An edge between brown and blue.

An edge between two different colours and two different worlds.

Worlds that seem to be separated from each other by just this one line around each continent.

But are they really separated?

Does this border called coast really matter?

Does this difference between these worlds really matter?

Do they fight against each other just because they are different?

Isn´t it just being next to each other?

Aren´t they just both important parts that together form this planet?

Aren´t they just both beautiful in its own kind?

Isn´t it just all nature?

Isn´t it just all part of this world we´re happy to call home?

“My bike takes me places.”

A well known saying I am privileged enough to prove to be true through a lot more than the past decade.

It´s been so many amazing moments.

So many stories to tell.

So many lessons to learn.

So many memories to make.

A neverending journey that is not over yet.

A journey I am thankful my mountain bike joins in on.


A place I’m really trying to travel to every once in a while.

A very special scenery that is fascinating to me as an Austrian that grew up deep in the mountains with no access to the sea at all.

An impressive area that to me represents respect.

A very special mood and a very special feeling that I have when I do have the chance to visit.

A feeling of freedom that goes deep.

It´s about that infinite width of the horizon.

About that sound of the water.

About the raw beauty of nature.

Breathtaking and calming at the same time.

It´s about the composition.

About all these important and beautiful parts forming an even more beautiful ensemble.

Nature in its full glory and awesomeness in its every kind.

No matter if it´s land or sea, if it´s dirt or water.

No matter if it´s trees or flowers.

No matter if it´s animals or humans.

No matter if you´re black or white.

It´s life that matters!



All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.

Locations: Around the world.