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Another helmet.

Another story.

Another custom design.

Another deeper meaning.

It´s that new world.

That new fast world.

That increasing speed of life.

That increasing and progressive digitalization.

All that represented by that geometric pattern that goes around the whole helmet.

Goes around my whole head and through my whole mind pretty much as this is what hits me hard these times of life.

On the other hand there´s nature.

There´s that simple life.

That simple, slow and peaceful spirit of life represented by the horns.

Horns of the ram to protect his life.

Horns around my name to protect my life from that new world.

The horns to protect my name from that geometric system.

Simple life to protect me from that new fast life I don´t feel comfortable with.

My helmet to protect me from getting hurt while crashing.

Because time is your life and life is everything we have.

Another helmet and another design that means the world to me and represents what I stand for.


#mucoff #ridetsg #timeisyourlife #artofliving #DIGITAL

Pics by Rene Deutschländer & Roman Klotz