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Dust N‘ Bones

„Time´s short, your life´s your own. And in the end, we are just Dust N‘ Bones.” Guns N‘ Roses

That classic of a song from Guns N‘ Roses has been in my mind from the very first moment we´ve been there.

There at that place where “Dust N‘ Bones” could have had its roots.

A place that has both.

Both dust and bones.

A place that feels like everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The beginning as well as the end.

Such an inspirational one for an open minded freerider.

A freerider on the search for new terrain to discover and new lines to ride.

A freerider on the search for true freeride and pure freedom.

For the love of the sport.

For the love of the spirit.

For the feeling of being free.

That deep feeling of being free.

Strolling through that desert area looking for hikes and lines to conquer.

To get my tires into some fresh dirt.

To get my heart beat and to get that smile on my face that says it all.

To get to play on my bike and do what I love the most.

Do what makes me happy.


Ride to feel alive.

Ride to feel free.

Ride until I´m gone.

Strolling through dust and bones thinking about what kind of story they might have to tell and at the same time trying to write and tell my own one.

Making memories not money.

Making life count.

It´s life and death at the same time.

At the same place.

That deep feeling of being alive while riding my bike and discovering new grounds but also that constant reminder for all that having an end some day while walking through dry dead land and all these bones that have been alive at some point.

It´s just that short time that we have.

It´s just that blink of an eye to play with.

“And then you´re just fucking gone.” Guns N‘ Roses

You´re your own artist of life.

Make it count!

Make it count!

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Pics by Christoph Breiner