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Freeriding is not a seasonal sport.

It´s not even sports in general.

It´s an attitude.

A way of living.

Whenever you wanna get out there.

Whenever you wanna go shred or simply flow some trails.

Whenever you wanna have a good time enjoying freedom.

Freeriding is freedom.

Pure freedom.

Wether it´s warm or cold.

Wether it´s dry or wet.

Wether it´s snowy or dusty.

It´s just about the day you feel it.

Just about the day you want it.

Just about the ride.

About the freedom to go ride.

Freezride is about one of these days.

These days I wanna get out there and enjoy the mountains.

To get out there and ride my bike.

To get out there and don´t care about conditions.

Don´t care about conditions but have some fun.

Don´t care about conditions but live life to the fullest.

Live freedom to the fullest.

Live freeride to the fullest.

And it pays off.

Again and again.


Freedom for life.

Freeride for life.

Freezride for life.

Thanks Mountainbiking for giving me all that.

Where do you get your freedom from?

#freeZride #timeisyourlife #artofliving

All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.