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A time of year I’m longing for all season.

A very special one.

A very beautiful one.

Simply the most epic time of the season really.

Autumn and its GOLDEN HOUR.

When daylight starts to end earlier day by day.

When days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer.

When days are getting colder and warm season is coming to an end.

When winter comes closer in big steps and nature starts to go to sleep.

But before it does, it blows minds being GOLDEN.

It blows minds being more special and more beautiful than at any other time of the year.

But as amazing it is, as beautiful it is and as golden it is, is it “just” that?

Is it just those rare colours that you don´t really see that often and if, just in short time frames?

It’s so much more.

It’s spending time doing what you love.

It’s realizing how much a moment like this can do.

It’s taking a step back from fast life and taking a deep breath of freedom and inner peace.

It’s slowing down and feeling life in that tiny little moment of pure beauty.

It’s taking your time for appreciation.

Appreciation for life.

Appreciation for the little things.

Appreciation for that single moment that´s worth slowing down for and that lasts forever.

Isn’t that the real definition of “GOLDEN” hour?

In my mind it is.

Because time is your life and life is everything we have.

So simple.


#timeisyourlife #artofliving

Pics by Karl Lassacher and Dang Tran.