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Let it Flow

“When the world stands still and flow gets an all different meaning.”

On the search for the special.

For the extraordinary.

As always.

For many years now.

Year by year, again and again.

But don´t get me wrong.

It´s quite the opposite of boring.

It´s exciting.

It´s thrilling.

It´s new with every new venue, every new location and every new scenery.

Traveling the world on the search for special locations is what makes me love this sport so much.

What makes me experience life to the fullest.

What makes me tell all these stories.

What makes me feel freedom at its very best.

To make memories.

Memories, not money.

Freeride Mountainbiking in its purest form.

As I love it.

As I see it.

As I live it.

Thoughts that drive me to travel.

That make me long to experience land far from home.

To experience unknown landscapes and exceptional sceneries.

Sometimes it´s places that are interesting just because they are one of a kind.

Sometimes it´s places that wouldn´t be interesting to travel to without having my passion to drive me.

Everytime it´s places and travels that in the end reward me with unforgettable experiences.

And it´s all about these experiences.

Experiences you can´t get without it.

Experiences with a story to tell.

Experiences for life.

2020 is different.

Not different in the thinking.

Not different in my passion to do all that and to live all that.

But different in all practical realizations.

Different because of restricted travel options and limited social life.

Not being free to travel as I´m used to and as I love it.

Not being able to live all the freedom that means the world to me.

Tough times but also a chance.

A chance to think about options.

To think about options that might be left forgotten without all that.

Options that are way closer and easier to reach.

Easier to reach but not less thrilling.

It´s an opportunity.

An opportunity to have a closer look at your near surrounding.

To experience the well-known even more intense than ever before.

To discover special places that are far from far.

To discover the beauty of home.

Why not?

Why not take this as a chance?

As a positive opportunity?

No sooner said than done.

We´ve been thinking about flow for a long time now.

Something that daily escorts our lives.

If you believe it or not.

If you realize it or not.

If you accept it or not.

If you positively deal with it or deny it.

It´s there and it´s part of all of our activities and actions.

Part of life.

When time passes.

When minutes, hours, days and years elapse.

How do we experience it?

How do we feel it?

How do we use it?

How do we live it?

Does time run fast because we´re having fun?

Do days feel short because we´re having a good time?

Do we forget about time because we are following up with things we love?

With things that are worth spending time on?

Does time stand still because we are in full concentration?

In full concentration because of dangerous situations?

Because of life-threatening situations?

It´s not a mystery that the feeling of time can be amazingly diverse.

It´s not a secret that we can perceive the flow of time in totally different ways.

It´s even a protective human mechanism.

It´s subjective perception.

Something that can be learned and something that partly just happen.

It´s like water.

Water runs.

Water flows.

It constantly flows.

We can´t really stop it.

We can just perceive it.

We can just experience it.

Experience it in different ways.

It even seems to stand still if it flows very fast and in rough volumes.

You even seem to reach ecstatic consciousness while looking at it or experience it from right in the middle.

It´s wet.

It´s cold.

It´s loud.

It´s stormy.

Unbelievably loud and stormy.

It´s like feeling state of emergency.

It makes you feel fear.

It makes you feel discomfort.

It makes you start to worry.

A state of mind that won´t last for long.

Once you decide to stay, to reflect and to get involved with, it changes.

It changes into a deep feeling of devotion.

A deep feeling of living the moment a 100%.

A deep feeling of fulfillment.

A deep feeling of sinking into a totally different world.

A world with just you and yourself.

A world where time is not anymore.

A world with nothing else to exist.

A deep feeling of flow.

A feeling of flow in a totally new dimension.

A feeling that I was lucky enough to feel during this project.

Something that I truly feel privileged and happy about.

Chasing waterfalls on the search for flow.

On the search for that special feeling.

That special feeling when time is not the same anymore.

When time is not the same anymore and flow feels more intense than ever before.

On the search for that special feeling close to home.

In a land with abounding of water.

Is there any better place to do so?

Any better place to experience all that?

To tell the story of flow?

My story of flow?

Time ≠ time.

It´s on us how we experience it, how we feel it and how we live it.

There´s just that one life that we have.

Seize your opportunity.

Let it flow!

#letitflow #timeisyourlife #artofliving

A story in close cooperation with my good buddy and photographer Christoph Breiner.