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It’s the answer of that question when they ask you about why you ride bikes.

About what you love about it.

It’s mountainbiker’s answer of skier’s powder tree runs.

It’s the icing on the cake.

That point up on the „i“ as we used to say back home.

It’s that soft feeling under your tires that keeps you awake & dreaming at the same time during nights.

That at the same time offers traction & looseness.

That soft feeling that goes all the way up from your toes through your fingers and into your head.

Through your whole body and into your mind pretty much.

That feeling you’re longing for again and again once you had the chance to taste it.

It’s when dreams come true.

When imagination becomes reality.

It’s when your face is not even smiling anymore but having that expression of „unbelievable“.

THANK YOU Freeriding!

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Pics by Christoph Breiner