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It´s about an interesting journey.

An interesting journey from an athlete to an ARTlete.

A transformation from a professional sportsman, adventure athlete and content creator to more of an artist really.

The journey of my life.

When the journey becomes the destination.

This is how I feel at the moment.

This is what I naturally became as person over all the years being a professional Mountainbike rider.

I talked about “WHY”.

It´s time to talk about “MORE”.

About the next step on my journey called life.

What is it that I´m doing?

Who is it that I am?

Where is it that I´m going to?

It´s been Freeriding that was my life for more than the past 20 years.

It started with a big passion as a hobby, followed by the same big passion as a job.

This is all I´ve been doing and this is all I was.

It´s been taking me to tons of different places I wouldn´t have seen without it.




Tons of unforgettable experiences and great memories.

It´s been my life.

And it still is.

But now it´s even MORE.

A journey that I learned a lot from.

Simply I learned to ride a bike.

I learned to ride a bike and about how much freedom it gives me.

Learned about how much freedom even means to me.

I learned to love photography and content creation.

I learned to see the creative part of doing photos and what it takes to get them done.

I learned to understand about how much a picture can tell if people let it.

I learned to use story telling to try to tell the meaning of a picture or a series of pictures.

Learned to understand about how important and valuable it is to even have a meaning.

I learned to have a closer look.

A closer look at things and topics that might even have this deeper meaning behind.

A meaning that could bring a positive change.

A positive change to my life, but also a positive change to the life of others.

A positive change to the world.

I learned to appreciate time.

To appreciate life.

I learned to appreciate the little things that sometimes are way more important than the big ones.

I learned a lot and I´m still learning.

And i´ll never stop to do so.

To learn.

To grow.

It changed me as a person.

It changed my life.

It changed everything.

I wanted MORE in the past.

More action.

More success.

More adventure.

I started to change and to not want MORE anymore during the past few years.

Just be thankful about how it is.

Just appreciate what I have.

Just be happy with who I am and enjoy life.

I want MORE again today.

But more of the less.

Because less is MORE.

True in so many different situations of life.

A Journey that started as a hobby, that had a lot of different stops in a time and that leads me into another one at the moment.

An interesting one for sure, even if I´m still not sure how it will look like.

A journey that I learned a lot from.

A journey that opened my eyes in so many ways.

A journey that taught me to see MORE.

And it´s not over yet.

From an athlete to an ARTlete.

The story of my life that hasn´t been told yet.

The story of my life that is still there to be lived and completed.

Stay tuned for the future as there is a lot that I’m interested to work on and to share with the world as I think it´s important to tell.

Let´s make the world a better place.

Thanks Mountainbiking for giving me the chance to do so.

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Pics in this article by Christoph Breiner & Rene Deutschländer.