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A particular way of considering something or looking at something.

A companion in our everyday life even if we don´t think about.

A possible reason for a good or a bad day.

A chance to see something in a positive way.

A direction that possibly leads us into something new.

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Think of these days everyone knows about.

Days that already started off bad and you just can´t turn them around.

Days on which you wait for something to happen but it just doesn´t.

Days on which you work on something but the result is just not that.

I´d say it´s time to change perspective.

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When we´re out shooting, searching for a nice location or trying to find the perfect spot to place the rider on an already selected trail section, it´s all about how you look at it.

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Changing perspective can change everything.

It can make a spot a great one even if it wasn´t good enough a few moments before.

It can open up some options you didn´t think about.

It can make a great spot even better or show a totally new one.

It can help you find something you couldn´t see or didn´t even search for.

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I truly love to use my big passion for riding bikes as a springboard and as a comparison to life.

It´s something that I know how to work and feel comfortable with.

Something that I learned how to deal with in different situations.

Something that helps me to understand how life works and how I can handle it.

Something that helps me to find my way.

Isn´t that just exactly what we need in life?

What we need to turn around the bad into the good?

What we need to find satisfaction and happiness?

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Thank you mountainbiking for not just taking me awesome places, but also changing my perspective for life.

Thank you for giving me a lesson in how to change perspective in certain situations.

Thank you for showing me all these similarities that I can convert into my personal life and use in a positive way.

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You guys remember me saying that mountainbiking is not just sports to me but lifestyle?

It´s even more.


This is me, Hannes, doing what I promised, opening up about myself and telling some thoughts from deep inside.


All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.