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A Day like any other.

Been out riding and shooting.

Aggressive and fast trail riding as I love it.

Out on trails I know very well.

Trails I know every single root, every single rock and every single hole on.

Trails I really know my lines on.

Trails I feel comfortable on going fast.

A good day.

A good day spending time in my comfort zone doing what I love most.

A day feeling super well on my bike and being happy with my riding.

Good fun.

Good times.

Good day.

Pretty much all perfect.

But then.

All of a sudden everything changed.

I still don´t exactly know what happened, but I went down hard on a very fast section right in between the trees.

I went down and it felt like one of the hardest impacts I ever had.

Not rolling down the hill after going over the bars.

Not loosing my front tire and sliding down the trail.

Just a very hard impact that stopped me on point and felt really painful.

A tough one.

After staying on the ground for quite a while to even realize what just happened, I got checked in hospital and luckily walked away with no major injuries.

Scratches and bruises all over and a sore body like never before, but no broken bones and no major inner damages.

A crash that could have easily ended my career, but also a crash that left me extremely thankful to be alive and be able to come back to do what I love most.

Such a privilege.

Looking back, I´m also super thankful for the high-quality pads and helmet that helped a lot to protect me from bigger injuries on this one and for every single gym session to keep my body fit and be able to take slams like this without being fully knocked out.

A day that ended a lot different than planned, but happy and thankful to be alive after a crash that could have ended a lot worse.

After a crash that could have changed the rest of my life pretty much.

Make sure to keep your body fit and use high quality protection if you´re keen to get out there and ride bikes properly.

It´s an amazing sport that we have and so much fun to shred bikes down the hill and through the woods, but it´s also a dangerous one.

Get out, enjoy the ride but make sure to stay safe and protect yourself.

You wanna keep riding bikes a lot longer, right?



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Pics by Roman Klotz