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Smoke On

Don‘t you have these days?

These days when you just want to escape?

To escape and be somewhere else?

It‘s not about the destination.

It‘s about the journey.

It‘s about that feeling.

That feeling of freedom.

That feeling of release.

That feeling of reset.

That feeling of getting your mind totally free.


Escape into a different world.

Deep into it.

Deep enough to have nothing else around you anymore.

Just for that moment.

That special moment.

That moment when there is no space for something else.

Isn‘t it a matter of passion?

Isn‘t there something for all of us that allows us to feel like this?

That helps us to escape?

Helps us to free our mind?

It‘s about being fully into something.

About being passionate about something.

About loving it.

About living it.

It‘s like stepping into a totally different world.

Like finding yourself still reading that thrilling book when the night is already over.

Like turning on that super exciting movie that makes you feel like you are a part of.




Something that covers you.

Something that surrounds you.

Something that makes you be deep inside.

Feel deep inside.

Less vision.

Less view.

Less option for something else than now.

Here and now.

Eyes wide open.

Full concentration.

All in.

No room for error.

No room for something else.

Here and now.

Living the moment.

What ever you do, it‘s all about that.





My personal kind of passion.

My personal way to get that feeling.

That feeling of being free.

It’s about getting on my bike.

About shredding some fun and fast trails.

About concentration and speed.

About flow.

About that feeling that makes me smile.

About that feeling that makes me forget about everything else.

True happiness.

Isn‘t life all about that?

Isn‘t that everything we can do?

When did you last turn on the smoke in your life?

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All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.