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Sound of Silence

When life gets faster and faster every day.

When life puts more and more pressure on you.

When life gets more and more stressful the longer it takes.

When life changes.

When it daily pushes you.

When it pushes you into a direction you‘re not even happy with.

A direction you don‘t even feel comfortable with.

Aren’t you longing for a place to retreat?

A place to calm down?

A place to simply enjoy yourself?

No stress.

No pressure.

Just you enjoying yourself being.

Just you and your silent surrounding.

Your enjoyable surrounding.




Something I can find in nature.

Something I can find in the mountains.

Something I can find far away from everything that pushes me.

It‘s mountainbiking that gives me all the fun.

It‘s mountainbiking that gives me all the action.

It‘s mountainbiking that gives me all the adrenaline.

It‘s mountainbiking that gives me all the excitement.

But it‘s also mountainbiking that gives me quietness, that gives me inner peace and that takes me places to calm down and be myself.

Places that make me forget about stressful life around me.

Places that make me breathe deeply with a strong feeling of freedom inside of me.

Places that help me to recharge my batteries and tank up new energy.

Pure enjoyment.

Pure relaxation.

Pure life.

Thank you Großarltal for offering an amazingly beautiful place to experience all that and some good fun and action on top of it for a big smile at the end of the day.

There‘s just that one life that we have.

Don’t forget to take your time to enjoy and be yourself every once in a while at least.

To enjoy the sound of silence.

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All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.