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Way direction South.

It’s kinda strange, but somehow always a longing for us landlocked people.

The South.

The sun.

The sea.

But ok, we don’t have one either.

So why not just pack up the bike, get in the van and head in that direction?

Just follow the nose and see what happens?

Make a few stops along the way to ride some bike trails and step by step follow that classic kinda summer vacation picture?

Why not?

So let´s go direction South and follow the sea.

It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, crazy and super new all the time and every day.

Sometimes it’s enough that it just feels good.

That it’s fun.

That it feels great to just be out there and on the road.

And honestly, that’s exactly how it feels and what it is.

A small roadtrip without any special adventure and without any extraordinary highlights.

Just let go and enjoy.

Just follow the trails along the road and towards the sun.

A little roadtrip with great joys.

A little trip for a big grin on your face.

Simply riding bikes and traveling with your van.

Life at its very best.

And here we go.

Time has come for the first stop and to better let pictures speak for themselves.

I mean, look at these woods!

Time to move on.

Time to continue heading South.

Time again to follow the sea.

And honestly, when you get there, when you see it for the first time on the trip, on each trip, it just feels great and puts a smile on your face.

Hard to explain but there´s just something about it.

Hello paradise.

What a place!

What a place to just be.

What a place to be and ride bikes.

And who doesn´t like to ride a bike all the way to the sea?

To already see it through the trees on the last turns out of the woods?

To end an amazing feeling trail directly on the water?

To end a day watching the sun set over the Mediterranean Ocean?

Not only not bad but pretty sweet I guess.

And when you wake up like this, it´s time for another day in paradise.

Because bikes teach us to see the world in a totally different perspective.

To see life in a different perspective.

It is what it is.

Loving life on the road.

Loving life riding bikes.

Let´s go ride bikes!

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All pics in this article by Rene Deutschländer