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Weeks after weeks of being forced to not let it out.

Being forced to hold it back.

Hold back what I wanted to share.

Hold back what I wanted to tell.

In the end it even made me more excited.

More excited about sharing.

More excited about telling.

More excited about what´s gonna come.

But now it´s time.

Time to share.

Time to tell.

It´s time to free myself.

Free the inside of myself.

To uncage the freedom inside of me.

Time to UNCAGE.

Working with sponsors and partners is a must.

A must you can´t run around if you wanna be a professional rider.

If you wanna keep the dream alive.

The dream to live from riding.

Ride to live.

Live to ride.

As a free spirit it´s not an easy thing.

In the past it´s partly been making compromises.

It´s partly been doing stuff because I had to.

It´s partly been making cooperations I´ve not even been happy with a 100%.

It´s a balancing act each year between making it happen again or leaving the dream behind.

As we´re getting older we´re growing.

Growing in our minds, growing in our personalities and growing in the trust in ourselves.

Lucky me this is what I experienced in the past few years.

This is what I still experience right now.

This is what I love to feel right now.

This is what makes me happy and feel comfortable with.

This is what makes everything change.

Change perspective.

Perspective to life.

Perspective to myself.

Perspective to everything I´m doing.

Perspective to everyone I´m working with.

This is why I´m super happy with the sponsors and partners I´m looking into the future with.

This is why I´m happy to uncage myself.

To uncage myself and all the partners that I´m working with.

I´m happy with them a 100%.

I trust them a 100%.

I´m standing behind them a 100%.

Products that I not only ride because I get paid for, but products I´d also pay for to ride them.

Partners and brands that I chose to talk to because I wanted to partner up with them.

Sponsors I work with because I truly want to work with them.

Products I ride because I decided to ride them.

For a reason.

It´s about products that are high quality.

It´s about being involved in product development and having the chance to contribute my visions.

It´s about sharing passion.

It´s about aiming positive causes and telling positive messages.

It´s about representing positive ideas.

It´s about feeling loyalty and creating friendships.

It´s about having the freedom to be myself a 100%.

It´s about feeling home.

Go check my homepage at to find out all my main partners for the future and follow my season by subscribing to this blog or checking my social channels from day to day to see who I´m additionally working with during certain projects over the year.

BIG THANKS to all my friends and long term partners for supporting and trusting me from day one and still, and thanks to all the new ones for starting to do so.

So thankful to be able to follow my dreams and passion the way I do and to work on projects that should show a lot about what I think it´s worth to think of and live for.

Truly means the world to me.

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All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.