Blog Hannes Klausner_UNPACKING


It´s about that day.

That very special day in life of a Mountainbike enthusiast.

That day you see it for the very first time.

That day your eyes grow big and your stomach gets nervous.

That day you unpack that new machine.


Once you decided to go for a new ride, that day it shows up is everything you look for.

It´s about that passion for tech.

It´s style and design.

It´s custom builds, prototypes and setup.

It´s that moment you hop on it for the first time to get the feeling of how well it rides.

It´s that new motivation that comes with all that.

It´s one big smile.

It´s about being that happy little kid excited to get a new toy.

Simple as it is.

Amazing as it is.

Magic as it is.

But let those pictures speak for themselves.

Just one more thing to say:


Time to give this BEAST a go.

She´s been waiting impatiently.

#timeisyourlife #artofliving #unpacking

Pics by Michael Groessinger, Roman Klotz & Christoph Breiner.