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Until Dusk

We´ve been out there.

Up there.

We´ve been up there to chase the sun.

To search for the perfect spot to shoot a special scenery.

A scenery to shoot directly into the sun.

A special shot and a special set we needed to complete what we´ve been working on.

Everything was planned.

Everything was prepared.

Everything was set to be perfect.

Weather forecast, location, protagonists, time management.

All set to be perfect that one single day.

But once we were there, once we were all ready to go, just one little thing went different than expected.

There was that one little cloud.

That one cloud that showed up right before we started.

That one cloud that covered the sun and wouldn´t go away.

And then the waiting game started.

Sitting and waiting.

Not being able to do anything but waiting.

Sitting, waiting and watching the sky getting darker and darker while you hope for the sun to come out.

Just a little.

Just for a moment.

Just for that tiny bit to complete what you´re there for.

Hours later.

Still waiting.

Still hoping for the sky to open up.

Still hoping for the sun to kiss our faces for that moment we needed.

Hours later.

Still there waiting.

Not hoping anymore.

Not being positive anymore.

Blog Hannes Klausner_Until Dusk

Just wasn´t meant to happen that day.

Something we couldn´t change.

Just try again on a different day.

Sad but true.

Time to move.

Time to go down again.

Time to leave this beautiful place that was set to deliver all the goods that day.

Time to leave this beautiful place that could have made us happy that day.

Time to leave without anything in the pocket we went there for.

But then.

Just minutes after we started to leave and totally unexpected.

Still not what we wanted.

Still not what we needed.

Still not what we went there for.

But different and amazingly beautiful at the same time.

Something we couldn´t change ourselves changed into something unforgettable.

Something that turned out to be even better in the end.

Something we couldn´t really use for what we´ve been working on that day, but something that blew our minds sustainable.

Moments that have been way better than everything we´ve planned.

Something that opened up chances.

Something that showed us different directions.

Something that truly made our day.

Thoughts to help us stay positive during times like these.

Weird times.

Hard times.

Times that seem to be neverending.

Times that do not really offer positive perspectives.


Don´t give up!

There´s something at the end of the tunnel.

There´s something waiting for each of us.

Something that none of us would ever expect.

Something positive.


Don´t give up!

From dusk till dawn or from dawn till dusk.

What ever you wanna call it, it´s that message behind that matters.

When ever you´re out there doing what you wanna do, just do it and don´t give up until the end.


Time is your Life and that´s everything we have.

THX Mountainbiking for giving me a life lesson again.

#timeisyourlife #artofliving

All pics in this article by Rene Deutschlaender.