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This time of the year.

When warm turns cold.

When green and brown turns white.

When days are short and nights are long.

This time when skis replace bikes.

At least for a couple weeks of the year.

Season changes.

Weather changes.

Scenery changes.

Life simply changes.

But that attitude to life keeps being the same.

At least for a true freerider.


Not a discipline.

Not a discipline but a way of living.

An art of living.

It´s deep in our hearts.

Deep in our souls.

And it simply never changes.

It´s surfing dirt in summer and surfing pow in winter.

It´s that search for fresh lines and pure freedom.

It´s getting out there.

Getting out there and play.

Play to make our hearts beat.

Play to make our faces smile.

Play to make our souls happy.

White season changes our daily lives every year.

Again and again it changes everything all around us.

Changes everything into beautiful.

Beautiful in a different kinda way.

A time of the year I love to take as a chance.

A chance to calm down from busy and super active summer season.

A chance to feel that heart of a freerider deep inside me.

To feel it in a different kinda way.

No stress to have.

No plan to follow.

No product to create.

Just me.

Just me getting out there and play.

Getting out there with friends and having a good time.

Having a good time shredding that white gold and soaking up that feeling of freedom while surfing deep pow and breathing fresh air.

Enjoying that freezing feeling in my face while sinking into my own sprays.

Even taking my time to stand still for a while to look at these breathtaking views over snow covered mountain peaks.

Stand still and just be.

And the highlight of it all: WHITEOUT.

When nothing else exists anymore.

When I`m in my own world a 100% with nothing else around or inside.

Just all WHITEOUT.

Time for me to tank up some fresh energy to get back to my bike filled with new motivation and new ideas for my upcoming projects and adventures.

To get back to full focus once white is turning brown and green again.

And trust me, it´s not long until I already miss that feeling and sound of two wheels rolling down the hill.

Until then, time to enjoy and soak up white season.


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Pics done by myself, Michael Groessinger & Roman Klotz