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Why am I riding bikes?

Why am I writing stories about it?

Why am I doing this blog?

Why am I living bikelife as I´m doing it?

It´s pure passion.

It´s a positive lifestyle.

A positive lifestyle that puts a smile on my face every single day.

It´s all these ideas that get into my mind living it.

All these thoughts I have while doing it.

It´s that drive inside of me to tell all these stories and thoughts.

All these stories and thoughts that make this passion so special to me.

All these stories and thoughts that should have a positive meaning and that should affect people in a positive way.

That should help to make the world a better place.

It´s not just riding bikes.

It´s not just being out there enjoying nature.

It´s not just traveling the world to see new places and cultures.

It´s more.

It´s way more.

It´s about having a story behind all that.

About having a meaning behind all that.

It´s about adventures.

About adventures to learn from.

About experiences to grow from.

It´s about lessons for life.

About positive lessons for something that´s way more important than anything else.

It´s my daily hike and rides that give me time to think.

It´s these days I´m out there alone riding bikes and doing what I love that bring up all these thoughts.

All these thoughts that I want to share.

All these thoughts that I really think are worth thinking about.

All these thoughts that really matter.

All these thoughts that are the beginning of a new story.

Of a new story that I want to share with the world once I´m satisfied with what and how I wrote about it.

What a sport that gives me all that.

What a passion that has room for all that.

Freeride Mountainbiking to me is way more than just an action-packed way to shred down the hill having tons of fun.

It´s passion.

It´s lifestyle.

It´s freedom.

It´s pure freedom.

Freedom for body and mind.

It´s an inspiration.

It´s an instruction.

An instruction to live life to the fullest.

To appreciate life to the fullest.

To feel life to the fullest.

Mountainbiking daily reminds me how much I love and need all that.

Mountainbiking makes me think about life in a positive way.

It makes me learn to appreciate the little things.

It makes me love life more than I would without it.

Makes me live life more than I would without it.

It helps me to live a process of transformation.

A transformation of myself.

That´s why.

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All pics in this article by Christoph Breiner.